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Lyrical and Contemporary Style Classes with Sabrina

Sabrina Show 4.HEIC
Sabrina Show.HEIC

In Sabrina's contemporary dance classes, she consistently initiates the session with a thorough deep stretch aimed at warming up the dancers and enhancing their muscular flexibility. Subsequently, participants engage in focused floorwork or center floor exercises, incorporating elements such as leaps, turns, and various movements. Towards the latter part of the class, a comprehensive combination is introduced, integrating the day's practiced techniques. The session typically concludes with dedicated time for improvisational dance, allowing participants to apply learned principles in a creative and expressive manner.

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Sabrina Show 1.HEIC


Sabrina is a dancer who is from Pawtucket Rhode Island. She started her love for dance at the age of two and instantly had a passion for it. The styles I have trained in are lyrical, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop and acro. After attending many dance competitions and conventions all around the country growing up and being awarded many awards, now I get the opportunity to teach. Dance is an art that should make you feel like home and a place where you feel safe and yourself. 

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