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Lyrical Workshop
Jan. date to be determined
Check back with us soon
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Building Technique Class 6-6:45 ($10)

This 45 minute class is open to all levels, with modifications throughout. It will focus on ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary techniques. We will cover a warmup/stretch, work on across the floor progressions and a center combination to build foundations for turns and leap technique. We recommend active wear for class (leggings/tights, bodysuits/tank tops), but wear whatever you’re most comfortable in. We also recommend a shoe to help with turns. We’ve included links to a few popular ones, but there’s a lot of options out there. Feel free to ask us for more information or if you have questions regarding pros/cons. If you don’t have shoes, don’t worry- bring some socks. Shoe link:


Lyrical Class 7-8:30 ($15)

Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz to create a soft style that emphasizes the storytelling quality of music.  An emphasis is placed on grace and fluidity, musicality, and expressiveness to capture emotion through movement.

This 90 minute workshop is open to all levels, with modifications throughout. This class will be dedicated to learning an original choreography, where you’ll be provided a safe and inclusive space to express your movements and emotions. You will also have the freedom to work on finding your own unique style.

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Lyrical Workshop 

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