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Bollywood is a conglomerate of several Indian dance styles, including folk, bhangra, garba, classical, and even Western styles like hip-hop. It is commonly featured in the Hindi film industry and has now made its way into various forms of modern media, including American-based television and film. No prior experience is necessary, open to all levels! A guaranteed endorphin boost.

Instructor: Medha Prakash

Dance Style: Bollywood 

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Instructor: Sakina Sojar

Dance Style: Bollywood Fusion

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Medha’s dance journey began at the age of 4, evolving into competitive dancing at 10, spanning diverse Indian styles such as Bollywood, Folk, and Garba. Professionally trained in Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam, two traditional Indian dance forms, Medha’s versatility extends to her love for Hip Hop, evident during her time as a member of her university’s Hip Hop dance crew.


A native to California, Medha holds a special place for her training received at Nupoor Dances and Sanskaar School of Dance. As the former captain of her High School Bollywood and Bhangra dance team, she discovered her passion for teaching early on. Embarking on her teaching journey at 18, Medha boasts experience instructing children, high school and college students, and adults aged 28 and above. 


Medha’s love for Bollywood dancing is not just a personal passion, but a commitment to sharing the beauty of this art form with others who are eager to embrace it. 

Sakina has actively participated in the Bollywood dance scene for over 15 years, both performing and teaching for competitions, cultural showcases, weddings, workshops, and wellness events. Sakina is excited to bring her love of Bollywood to Rhode Island. 

Medha classes: 

Every Friday and Sunday

Sakina's next Fusion classes:
April 22, May 13, May 20, May 27

(for the adults)

Next Bollywood for Littles classes:

April 20, May 11, May 18

For more information or to sign up for the Littles class please follow this link.

You can sign up online or drop in.

When you get here, we accept:


Credit cards,

Venmo @DavidEndicottDance

Apple Pay

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