Make your first dance memorable!

Personalized First Dance choreography in Rhode Island

Some tips before we get to work:

1. Know the size of your floor

2. Know where the audience will be seated

3. Know if you can walk backwards in your dress 

4. Know if you like how you look when you lift your arms if you have a suit/tux jacket

5. Know if your song will played by a band or DJ. If you have a band, make sure they will play your song to the same tempo and not change the intro or anything about the song

6. Know from where you enter the room or dance floor. If it is more than 15 feet to the dance floor, let's make sure you have a "walk-on" song before we start your choreography

7. Let your photographer know which way you will be facing the audience so they can capture you from the perfect angle!

Your first private lesson and first group class are on me! We can get to know each other and find out if the studio is the right fit for you.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

Rhode Island ballroom dance instructor. Copyright 2019.