Want to learn to dance in a fun, social environment? Group classes are for you! Don't have a dance partner, no problem! These classes are designed to teach you within a group context, focusing on patterns and foot work for both the leaders and followers. We will rotate partners often allowing you to learn different styles and connections. We hope you find the joy in dancing and feel prepared for a night out on the town!  


You may also want to add in some private lessons right from the start to enhance your learning experience!

Want to create an amazing first dance to show off for your family and friends

 We are the place to go!

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(Tuesdays @ 6 & 7

 Thursdays @6 & 7)

Whether you have dance experience or none at all, you can enjoy this beautiful, rich and expressive dance form

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(Sunday 6:00)

You are steps away from dancing sensual and elegant, even if you have never danced before

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If you want  to have a more personalized experience, contact us for private lessons where we can focus on your individual needs.

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(Mondays @ 7 & 8

Wednesdays @ 7)

Get your "Suave" on and learn to dance to many of today's modern tunes

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(Sundays @ 5 & 6)

Learn all about the fiery latin dances including Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, and Cha cha

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(Fridays @ 7 & 8)

Join us for a fun class learning Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and More.

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(Wednesday 8:00)

Join us for a spicy styling class! Gain confidence, sassy hips and sharp, on point technique

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