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Salsa on 2 and Bachata

Pablo headshot-8802.jpg

We are delighted to introduce 

Pablo Sanchez!

Pablo brings an incredible passion for dance and a wealth of experience in the local Latin dance community. With 8 years of active involvement, Pablo is set to elevate your dance experience like never before.

What to Expect:

  • Pablo will be your guide into the captivating world of Latin dance, teaching both bachata and salsa on Thursday nights from 7 to 9 PM.

  • His teaching style is dynamic and engaging, ensuring that every class is both informative and fun.

  • Pablo's expertise extends beyond the dance floor, encompassing performance and choreography, which he'll be sharing with you.

Pablo's Journey:

  • Pablo's dance journey began in his native Mexico, and he has continued to refine his skills in various Latin dance forms right here in the United States.

  • He has recently been mentored by Mori Granot-Sanchez at Rhode Island Latin Dance, honing his craft to perfection.

  • Pablo's dedication to his art has taken him to various salsa festivals across New England, including the prestigious Boston Salsa Festival.

Join the Latin Dance Community:

  • Pablo is enthusiastic about sharing his profound love for Latin dance with you, our valued students.

  • Together, let's foster a vibrant Latin dance community right here at Endicott Dance Academy.

Get ready to move your hips, feel the rhythm, and experience the joy of Latin dance with Pablo Sanchez. We can't wait to see you on the dance floor!

Class Pricing

Single Class: $15

Double Feature (2 classes): $20

Couple Rate:  $25

Couple Double Rate: $35

You can sign up online or drop in.

When you get here, we accept:


Credit cards,

Venmo @DavidEndicottDance

Apple Pay

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