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Next Workshop
September 10th 2023

Do you want to up your game on the dance floor?

 Then we have a class for you! Learn how to properly and safely do dips and tricks as a lead or follow? Add to your existing repertoire of moves and discover new ways to express yourself to the music?

Then come to this special 90 minute Dips and Tricks Workshop with David and Eileen as part of the Summer Sunday Workshop Series.
During the workshop, we will take you through different dips and tricks and show you how the fundamentals of executing them and then show you how to amplify them for a performance setting.
This workshop is the first of in a series designed for people to get use to holding and moving their partner off balance. We will start by warming up on mats and with every dip there will be exercises that will need to be accomplished to ensure you can do the next trick. We will be there every step of the way to make sure you do these dips and tricks safely. You do not need to bring your own partner but if you have someone you dance with regularly, bring him or her along!
The workshop is $20 per person and is not included in class packages or memberships. If you have any questions or would like to save your spot, give us a call at 646.554.5956, shoot me a message on Facebook or email

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